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I Wonder ~ft. BigPete

album: Collaborations
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 192
creation date: 2020-01-21

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"I WONDER"  You can find me in my little blue car. Where I drive my thoughts and steer my dreams.  You can find me at the lost and found.   Where I spend my...
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Thanks for listening!   2020 Music + production by BigPete + The V.I.P's  Lyrics + vocals by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick. 
I Wonder ~ft. BigPete
carol sue
01/26/21 08:51:48AM @carol-sue:
Thank you for taking the time to listen & comment @bustert! :)
01/22/21 04:42:55PM @bustert:
A real nice song, i wonder from beginning to the end...
carol sue
04/22/20 04:46:56AM @carol-sue:
You're so wonderful~ thank you so much @shane
Another thanks @Bigpete for this collaboration.. I love it.

04/13/20 06:56:12PM @shane:
I like it ! so glad you keep on making music CK. yep, I LIKE THIS number. Very nice music !! Fine creation Big PETE and Carol SK !
carol sue
03/19/20 06:24:04PM @carol-sue:
Hello @cooter
Thank you kindly, good sir! :)

03/06/20 06:38:53AM @cooter:
Another very nice collab, Ms Carol Sue. Very well done by you and BP! Enjoyed listening.
carol sue
03/05/20 09:51:10AM @carol-sue:
That means a lot!
Thanks so much @jimsae :)

02/20/20 08:20:31AM @jimsae:
You two making music together is a wonderful thing to hear! Great track, production and performances are top notch!
carol sue
02/16/20 07:14:02PM @carol-sue:
Thanks so much for visiting @eric-saitz
Again, great to see you join Mixposure! :)

Eric Saitz
02/16/20 10:51:30AM @eric-saitz:
Hi Carol-Sue. First thank you so much for the kind remarks. Great lyric! I love how the music moves the song along like a car driving down the road. A perfect marriage between the lyric and the music. Great work Carol-Sue

carol sue
01/26/20 04:43:19PM @carol-sue:
Hello @tony-cee,
Such a treat when you visit~ thank you kindly, my friend!
Sure enjoyed your new song, too! Cheers!

tony cee
01/25/20 02:00:15PM @tony-cee:
great clab superb lyrics and vocals as always by carol sue , superb mix and arrangment by big pete, love the tone of your voice carol sue , just keeps on getting better, cheers .....tony cee
carol sue
01/25/20 07:37:41AM @carol-sue:
Hi @moquinn ~Thank you for listening and commenting, much appreciated!
Maybe we should start a little blue car club, lol! I believe Ron Bowes @ronbowes
also has a blue car. :) Makes me wonder now.. how many drive blue cars, lol!

Thanks again for your support, my dear friend!
You're awesome! :)

Mark Ellis
01/24/20 06:44:08AM @mark-ellis:
Interesting track.. an enjoyable listen, with a nice arrangement.. love the brass and electronic interjections, and overall musical structure.. instrumentation, vox etc.. fab track
01/23/20 05:24:03PM @moequinn:
@carol-sue & @BigPete ~ I enjoyed your new song as I always enjoy both of you....
Coincidentally I also drive a little blue car I smiled & my ears perked up
great clab you two

carol sue
01/23/20 07:36:10AM @carol-sue:
Missed visiting your song posts last night.. Just zonked from work. ::sigh::
Catching up before work today. I sure enjoyed waking up and listening to your music, thank you all!
Really appreciate the visits~ thanks so much, my friends. Happy you like this song!
Have a blessed day, and every day! :) Thanks again @Bigpete for this wonderful collaboration!
Such an amazing talent he is!

Gary Dabrowski
01/22/20 10:08:52AM @gary-dabrowski:
well done Carol Sue and Big Pete!
01/22/20 08:27:13AM @ronbowes:
Great clab. Super vox Kirkpatrick!
carol sue
01/22/20 07:27:23AM @carol-sue:
Thank you all very much for tuning in! :)
I'm sure BigPete appreciates the kind words, too!
Will try to visit your music after work today.

Stay blessed, friends!
Really cool vibe!

01/22/20 01:14:07AM @hooker-green:
Really like this song. Cool idea with the rhythm change. smart arrangements and surprising ideas. My congrats. H.G.
01/21/20 10:37:26PM @david-c-deal:
very nice, very nice. Pete, I forgot how much I enjoy your arrangements and Carol, you just get better all the time!
01/21/20 10:21:57PM @lorne-reid:
Cool track!! nicely done start to finish!! Cheers!
01/21/20 09:42:26PM @anubis37:
Really cool vibe!


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