carol sue
carol sue
carol sue

Going Through The Motions ~featuring...

album: Collaborations
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 56
creation date: 2020-04-14

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I'm wondering... should I post this song...and then I thought.. go for it, it's truly how I've been feeling and maybe others feel the same with this...
Going Through The Motions ~featuring...
carol sue
04/22/20 04:44:02AM @carol-sue:
Thank you very much @moquinn
Best of wishes to you and yours!

04/20/20 10:10:00PM @moequinn:
great song @carol-sue ~ lately I'm going thru the motions too ~ but, not because of this damned virus ~ I am glad you are feeling much better these days ~ be safe dear woman
did not mention this is a lovely song

carol sue
04/16/20 09:30:16PM @carol-sue:
Thanks so much for stopping by to listen and comment.
Appreciate the spin on Mixstream radio too! @ronbowes
Keep rockin' Mixposure! :)
@sergej77 @avmo @farrell-jackson

Farrell Jackson
04/15/20 12:33:46PM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent vocals and lyric CSK! Well done by you and your musical partner here. Also congrats on AOTM !


04/15/20 06:53:45AM @avmo:
Great vocals C-Sue!
04/14/20 07:10:15PM @sergej77:
I love this Carol...simple and somehow different...
04/14/20 07:02:37PM @ronbowes:
Really good Carol Sue. Top marks girl. Great vox, props to Drainage too ;-)


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