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You and I ~featuring Mike Kohlgraf

album: Collaborations
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  Song Lyrics
"YOU AND I" The challenges keep getting bigger.  When the weakness grows in strength.   Oh, The hearts seem to rip wide open.    What can one...
  Song Information
2020 Music + production by Mike Kohlgraf. Lyrics + vocals by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick.
You and I ~featuring Mike Kohlgraf
carol sue
12/31/20 08:21:58AM @carol-sue:
Thank you ever-so kindly @abysss :)
12/26/20 11:12:35AM @hellz-abyss:
carol sue
12/16/20 08:21:02AM @carol-sue:
@david-c-deal @jimmydeanbrooks @paul-rainbird @queen-regina @jimsae
Thank you all so much for taking the time to listen and comment. Means a lot to us.
@jimsae - sure appreciate that you played this in your show! Thank you!

@mike-kohlgraf - Thank you once again for sharing your heart of music with me.
I truly adore all the collaborations we have done + I look forward to more!

Many blessings,
Carol Sue
12/15/20 12:59:30PM @jimsae:
I played this one on the show last night, too. And yet another great collab! Excellent music, Mike and Carol Sue.
Queen Regina
12/15/20 10:43:46AM @queen-regina:
Wow, this may be my favorite vocal performance from you @Carol-Sue. Very heartfelt, emotional, jazzy, soft & strong all simultaneously. Great song.
Paul rainbird
12/15/20 09:30:52AM @paul-rainbird:
Great song C.S cool lyrics and vocal performance 👌👍
12/15/20 06:44:14AM @jimmydeanbrooks:
You And Sue Are Amazing Together, Really Enjoy All Your Work Together. Bravo !!
12/14/20 03:29:55PM @david-c-deal:
Really nice collab Mike and Carol. Carol I love how you are using that growl of yours. Great work both of you.
carol sue
12/14/20 10:46:22AM @carol-sue:
Love when you visit~ thank you, @ronbowes
I've been enjoying listening to some of the tunes I missed from you last month.
You should be in a record book.. you great music making machine! :) Merry Christmas!

carol sue
12/14/20 10:42:07AM @carol-sue:
Thank you, so kindly @farrell-jackson
I wasn't feeling well last month, and just flat-out overworked and tired.
Kept working on this song which wouldn't leave my thoughts during that time.
Appreciate your comments, bless you!

Another special thank you @mike-kohlgraf for sharing his wonderful music with me!
Merry Christmas!
Carol Sue :)

12/14/20 10:35:51AM @ronbowes:
Love the sax and the laid back music. Great sultry vox by you Kirkpatrick
Farrell Jackson
12/14/20 10:21:44AM @farrell-jackson:
A cool collaboration Mike K and Carol Sue! Great music Mike and Carol Sue I love this bluesy, husky, sexy voice you've put to this song....great lyric (grrrrrrrr) !



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