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Still Kickin' - featuring Mike Kohlgraf

album: Collaborations
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 44
creation date: 2021-02-22

  Song Lyrics
"STILL KICKIN'" It's a sunny day walking in the park with you.  Hand and hand a tequila sunrise. Margarita's in the afternoon.   Sweet aroma. Romance is in...
  Song Information
2021 Music + production by Mike Kohlgraf. Lyrics + vocals by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick
Still Kickin' - featuring Mike Kohlgraf
04/09/21 03:34:15AM @knightman5000:
Nice layed back Jam. Smooooooth vocals and cool guitar riffage. this song grooves.
carol sue
03/04/21 08:09:45AM @carol-sue:
Thanks so much for your sunny visit @shifter-sisters :)
Shifter Sisters
02/26/21 08:25:45PM @shifter-sisters:
it's a sunny song - greatly done by both of you...
Regards and hugs friends..!

carol sue
02/24/21 08:17:10AM @carol-sue:
Thank you with a smile @jimsae @eric-saitz @gary-dabrowski :)

Thanks for the spin @ronbowes :)
What's not to like? Well, I have yet to drink that margarita or tequila sunrise!

02/24/21 06:15:20AM @ronbowes:
Another fine clab with Mike. Smooth music with great vocals. What's not to like? ;-)
Gary Dabrowski
02/23/21 01:40:10PM @gary-dabrowski:
very good Mike and Carol Sue...very rhythmic...
Eric Saitz
02/23/21 11:26:20AM @eric-lee-saitz:
What a smooth polished track you two have created here! Great lyrics Carol-Sue :) Some excellent guitar work too. Just an overall great track :)

02/23/21 09:53:12AM @jimsae:
Great stuff, folks! And a wonderful listen!
carol sue
02/22/21 01:58:19PM @carol-sue:
Cheers @phillipfoxley + @tony-cee
We appreciate your time! I sure enjoyed listening to some of your tunes today!
Keep rockin' Mixposure!

Thanks again, maestro music maker @mike-kohlgraf! :)

tony cee
02/22/21 01:26:57PM @tony-cee:
great colab your voice sounds superb carolsue , catchy song ......cheers tony cee
02/22/21 09:10:07AM @phillipfoxley:
Excellent track and lovely smooth production and engaging vocals.
carol sue
02/22/21 05:56:35AM @carol-sue:
Cheers to you @queen-regina ! :)


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