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DO IT ~featuring Lorne Reid

album: Collaborations
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 103
creation date: 2021-03-08

  Song Information
Feeling a bit funky! DO IT Music & production by Lorne Reid. Lyrics & vocals by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick. 
DO IT ~featuring Lorne Reid
Melani Cholie
10/02/21 04:18:38AM @melani-cholie:
Hei Carol Sue. I heard you singing on Ron music a couple of times. After introduction of a new Lorne Reid album here on mixposure I try to discover how it works and maybe check out for some new cool stuff. This one here I like. Good vocals and groove
04/09/21 03:30:21AM @knightman5000:
keep doin it funky !!! like this !
03/22/21 10:41:17PM @tlt50:
Lovin' this tune. Brilliant groove...Lorne .exceptional music, mixing, arranging, and production. Carol Sue......yes you shine brightly and do it so amazingly well! Bravo you two.
tony cee
03/13/21 04:28:48PM @tony-cee:
had me tapping my feet from the start , cool lyrics , and vocals , great backing by lorne , i to need a smoke and have'nt had one for 11 yrs , lol great tune ...... cheers tony cee
03/13/21 08:53:56AM @wricky:
made me want a cig ...and I quit 2 years ago ,lol, dadgum hot tune and excellent production.~cheers !
03/09/21 06:18:27PM @stringking:
Sparking funk, swirling vocals combined with a cool backing.
03/08/21 12:21:48PM @ronbowes:
Choc full of funkeh goodness. Great vox + great bass line. Cool clab ;-)
Queen Regina
03/08/21 11:12:30AM @queen-regina:
Oh yea. You "Do It" so well. Great collab Carol-Sue & Lorne. Wow. Love this. Its popping, hopping, a rocking vibe i really like. Do it.....Keep doing it. Loving how y'all DO IT!


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