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Forgive Me - featuring BigPete

album: Collaborations
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
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creation date: 2022-09-06

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"FORGIVE ME"                                                                        Wrap myself in loneliness.  Deep inside is where I confess.   I...
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This goes out to my family + friends. This past year or so has been over the top of challenging, to say the least.  Special thanks to BigPete for sharing...
Forgive Me - featuring BigPete
carol sue
10/07/22 01:29:09PM @carol-sue:
Thank you so much @slippy-t + @bustert
Appreciate the visit!

@slippy-t - long time no see. Good 2cU :)
10/01/22 04:54:42PM @bustert:
Wonderful & lovely - wow...
09/21/22 09:44:21AM @slippy-t:
Wow!! Smokey with that twist of angst. What a great arrangement and lovin' your vocals on this Carol, superbly emotive .
carol sue
09/17/22 03:04:32AM @carol-sue:
Love when you visit, thank you! ((hugs))
@moequinn, @tristynleach, @farrell-jackson
@lodato + @lorne-reid

09/15/22 08:55:20AM @lorne-reid:
Nice work Crew!!! Smooth and powerful delivery!
09/09/22 03:48:03PM @lodato:
Yes, there’s that pretty voice with BigPete’s beautiful music. Just lovely! These words are powerful and humbling. You are so loved dear lady.
Farrell Jackson
09/08/22 05:47:20PM @farrell-jackson:
Very nice Carol Sue and Big Pete! (It's great to have you back CSK!)
09/08/22 05:39:33AM @tristynleach:
Lovely song, love the bluesy style and the sax and guitar, sad moving and cool
09/07/22 11:29:32PM @moequinn:
@carol-sue ~ beautiful song by CSK & BigPete
there is nothing to be forgiven ~ your peers, friends/loved ones understand ~ at one time or another... we have all traveled a hard road with the challenges life throws at us ~ some of us continue to travel hard roads....we all understand & are so happy you are doing much better & are returning to music & us....
Personally is my refuge...& I am so thankful for music in my life....

carol sue
09/07/22 06:51:58PM @carol-sue:
Thank you, kindly! :)
Appreciate you guys taking the time to stop by!

David, Bless you!
Yes, especially since Covid... and I've been pretty stuck on the "Addicted to what I can not say" line.
But, it's nice to know you care so much and that friendly door is open.
((hug)) Thank you, spacebud!!

09/07/22 08:01:09AM @ronbowes:
Very smooth blues/jazz track. Cool clab - music from pete. Great emotional delivery by you kirkpatrick. Nice to see you taking part in music again ;-)
09/06/22 09:57:34PM @david-c-deal:
Carol, I just read your "song information" section. I am so sorry you have been going through this emotional pain. If you want to talk, chat etc. please let me know.
09/06/22 09:54:37PM @david-c-deal:
Beautiful song. Carol, the lyrics express the fears I am experiencing in so many people, especially since Covid. Beautiful.
09/06/22 08:39:31PM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Beautiful Song Sue And BigPete !!


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