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carol sue
carol sue

Oh Tired Heart - featuring CarJam

album: Collaborations
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 78
creation date: 2023-05-12

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»»--(¯`v´¯)=>> Oh Tired Heart  ©CarJam - Song by - Carol Sue Kirkpatrick. Lyrics + music.   *Special thanks to Production, additional...
Oh Tired Heart - featuring CarJam
05/13/23 04:26:12PM @bustert:
Great collaboration with a voice that doesn't lack anything - great backgrounds and fine instrumentation - simply beautiful
Farrell Jackson
05/13/23 09:55:09AM @farrell-jackson:
What a beautiful song you have written Carol Sue!!!!! The musician's performances are perfect and Jennifer Rafferty sings her heart out with her wonderful voice.
05/12/23 07:40:44PM @moequinn:
@carol-sue I was so pleased to see a song from you ~ Jennifer has a beautiful voice & this was a wonderful collaboration.....I somehow feel this song is based upon your journey....know that you are loved dear Carol Sue

05/12/23 06:46:40PM @david-c-deal:
So very touching. Love this
05/12/23 02:16:20PM @lodato:
So pretty and so melodic. Jennifer has a lovely voice too.
05/12/23 01:40:54PM @ronbowes:
Lovely song - great clab.


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