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Conditions To Love ~featuring Joseph Rodriguez + Essence

album: Collaborations
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 72
creation date: 2023-07-16

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Joseph + Essence rocked out a little song I had written.©Music & Lyrics by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick.Production, Rendition + Instruments...
Conditions To Love ~featuring Joseph Rodriguez + Essence
carol sue
08/14/23 08:55:06AM @carol-sue:
We thank you! @slippy-t
@josephrodz - love what you & Essence did with my little song!

08/13/23 08:42:44AM @slippy-t:
Love Joseph's edgy guitar and putting Essence into the vocal driving seat is a treat... a cracking song, Nice one Carol Sue
carol sue
08/04/23 09:06:41AM @carol-sue:
We thank you so much @paul-grimwood
Hey now, Paul... congratulations to you on being
Mixposure's Artist of the Month! ***** :)

Lonesome wolf
08/02/23 10:08:29AM @paul-grimwood:
This rocks!!!!!Love it!!!!
Well done Carol Sue, Joseph Rodriguez & Essence.
Be proud of this song, Carol Sue - Paul

carol sue
08/02/23 07:41:28AM @carol-sue:
Hats off to you guys for visiting this song.
Much appreciated. Essence + Joseph really rocked it Gr8!!
@eric-saitz @lodato :)

08/02/23 03:21:10AM @lodato:
Gr8 to hear Essence Love again! Rock on Carol Sue! Dang!
Eric Saitz
07/24/23 08:40:01PM @eric-lee-saitz:
This is just great! It has been a while since I've heard Essence and I don't believe I've ever heard her singing in this genre. A excellent collaboration and song and my hat off to all involved!

carol sue
07/18/23 07:55:28AM @carol-sue:
Thanks for visiting + taking this tune for a spin @farrell-jackson
I'm heading to your page now, lol :)
Another round of thanks going out to Essence and @josephrodz

Farrell Jackson
07/17/23 10:22:48AM @farrell-jackson:
Joseph rocked the heck out of this one! Great songwriting Carol Sue and Essence's vocals put the icing in the cake. Excellent!
carol sue
07/17/23 06:29:11AM @carol-sue:
Thank you so much for visiting @bustert + @rob-grant
and another round of thanks to Joseph & Essence
for working with this song! +Thanks Mixposure.

Rob Grant
07/16/23 07:18:45PM @rob-grant:
This is some sort of kick ass rock tune. Awesome production. Carole you fit perfectly into this song. Great rock vocal. Joseph, I don't need to tell you, but...You really punched this one out. Very catchy!!
07/16/23 03:00:49PM @bustert:
A fine piece with a driving rock character - good collaboration


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