Chris Georgiou
Chris Georgiou
Chris Georgiou

little dreamer

album: Magic places
genre: Instrumental Rock
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little dreamer
Lyrical Princess
11/30/16 11:10:28PM @lyrical-princess:

Hello Chris, Was just buzzing through the mix & landed here on your page. This is absolutely Beautiful.. Just dreamy. Great listen for resting my head. I miss seeing you around. I hope all is well ...

All The Best My Dear Friend


Gary Shukoski
11/22/16 01:50:27AM @gary-shukoski:
Nice soaring guitar work not overpowered by technique but you can still hear it's there and enough feeling to fill a stadium!
11/21/16 09:55:24PM @moequinn:

BEAUTIFUL!!  I am not a musician  yet, music has become so much a part of my being ~ an avid fan of MixPosure radio & the many exceptionally talented musicians herein ~ I do love your song Little Dreamer...  love how the song keeps building up & up  as it has the same effect to my spirit...with such a song I can close my eyes & feel like I am soaring in the sky far above the clouds ~ refreshing..  we all need such a release in our lives

09/13/11 12:16:44AM @cooter:
Demonstrating my lack of discipline, I could not resist commenting on this fine tune before continuing further into your fine CSP, Chris. I too, am a dreamer, my friend.

This is a beautiful piece of music. Soaring lead lines so tastefully done. Loved every moment.


05/19/09 02:16:22PM @blue-sahara:
Can't believe I haven't reviewed this wonderful song yet. Thought I'd stop by and get myself the CG-Fix, lol :-)
Chris, it's always a pleasure tuning in to your songs. This tune is not an exception. Yes, it does invite to close your eyes and dream. Wonderful how your guitar 'speaks' to your audience. Excellent backing track too.
A classic Georgiou!

01/27/09 02:35:15PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Now this is what I'm talking about my dear friend. Haunting melodies very reminiscent of Steve Hackett. A gorgeous performance with tone to die for. Bravo !!!!!

~ Gabriel

10/24/08 08:55:10AM @brian-mattson:
Yes, the tone is outstanding and your writing is awesome. Kudos for putting together an excellent/melodic track.
Rob Grant
10/07/08 07:09:50PM @rayon-vert:
Chris........your music is outstanding!!! Very dreamy, relaxing, very well produced.........SUPER JOB!!

10/07/08 06:59:59PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Lovely tone of the guitar, superb arrangement! Almost reminds me in part of Foreigner just a bit. But, hold on your horses!! This is original and brilliant! Super arrangement and playing! Consider me your fan and consider yourself on my show this Saturday!


10/07/08 10:36:30AM @ab1:
little dreamer is very ambient.. a lovely stage for your lyrical guitar playing.. i do appreciate my fellow guitarists.. wonderful instrument..
10/07/08 03:14:26AM @tlt50:
Chris ....let me say ,this is fantastic. !!! The superb drum track with the killer snare is awesome. Splendid guitar work.... loved the songwriting.... yea man....OUTSTANDING... !!!!BRAVO !!!
Larry T.....

Chris Georgiou
10/06/08 09:27:36PM @chris-georgiou:
thank you Dazed. Using my well loved fender strat only.
10/06/08 09:06:18PM @dazed:
this is tasty as hell. beautiful guitar work! absolutely remarkable. the tone you have is to die for. what are you using on this?
FD Project
10/09/08 10:22:42AM @fd-project:


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