Chris Georgiou
Chris Georgiou
Chris Georgiou

Silent memory

album: Magic places
genre: Instrumental Rock
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Silent memory
carol sue
01/13/19 09:11:20AM @carol-sue:
From 2008 to today... and beyond, I'm sure.
Loved hearing this again. So precious and priceless. 🦋
Looking back on some of the comments shared here from the past..
Time sure flies by, but this remains a timeless, beautiful classic.

~Bravo!! (again.. and again!) ;)

08/04/14 10:54:03PM @david-c-deal:
I read my review from 2009 and am hearing it again as if for the first time. These songs are just works of art, works of art that should not be forgotten or laid aside.
07/20/10 01:18:06AM @ashique-m-fahim:
hey man listening to silent memory...really beautiful melody...keep it up!
06/26/09 10:45:41PM @vesa:
I love the mood set here at the start. I agree right on with David, the strings come in so well, then that very fine acoustic playing, in and out of he string synth chorus; a neat blend. A floating feeling. I'd like rhtyhm but what strikes me is the one whole sound of strings that are powerful & engaging. Fine electric exploration that suddenly 'bursts' into the scene. Very good arranging; a nice surprise with that flowing elelctric playing. SUPERB!

05/19/09 08:50:31PM @david-c-deal:
I have heard this song several times on Mix radio and have grown to just love it. The classic guitar in the beginning is so incredibly sad and beautiful. It grabs my heart with no mercy. The climax around 4 minutes and return to the classical guitar, sublime! You have that artistic feel that causes your music to rise above the masses of artists.
David C Deal

04/18/09 09:23:35AM @mike-kohlgraf:
Love this tune, Chris. Grabbed it for my show tonight! :)
03/08/09 01:09:15AM @digger-stone:
one of the most beautifull pieces of music i've ever heard! in my favs.
03/13/09 01:48:16PM @that-never-was:
Very very nice song and playing, great stuff. William - That Never Was
02/07/09 02:26:43PM @dusty-burch:
I love your music and that classical on the begining
is tone that hits your soul. I love the way it's well thought out yet not forced. Great Job.


01/23/09 03:01:10PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Haunting, Melodic, Soundscapes abound, Hypnotic, Ooozing with EMOTION. Damn Chris what did I miss? Lovely tune, great mind for creativity!

~ Gabriel

Luca Wulf
01/18/09 11:20:38AM @huge-artist:
Man oh man...
Outstanding piece.
The Wavestation if I'm not much mistaken?
Top to bottom,start to finish....C L A S S.
Outside of one or two VERY select artists,I cannot think of anyone mainstream who could hold a candle to this.


12/04/08 02:33:45PM @jkondrak:

10/29/08 03:46:08PM @tlt50:
Chris the opening(intro) is sweetness to my ears. Beautiful and,,, great work. !! Ambient strings and pads.... superb proggression..! Kudos, on the guitar,songwriting and production. !!
Larry T.....

10/27/08 02:03:15PM @mark-reed:
This is exceptional, maybe even clinical it's that good. I can't add anymore to whats already been said. Amazing piece well done
10/26/08 04:33:51AM @chrickon:
Hey Chris! Beautiful track and composition with a great arrangement and production on it! Performance is passionate and emotional with great melodies!
Agree with Brian"Love this very much"

10/24/08 01:25:37PM @austn:
Reflective swish pans with acoustic guitar work and woveN N string swirlZ ...the powerful bass undertones bring out the brillance of orchestrated dynamiX utilized N this melody passage...the drum track laid under on the return replay works well...luv the drop off/// the guitar under solo work on the next passage takes U 2 Nu spaces...the melody thru-out the piece holdZ your focus while still allowing a adventurious attitude......ThanX 4 the listN...~Austn
FD Project
10/20/08 10:03:49AM @fd-project:

10/19/08 08:10:27AM @steph-klish:
Hey Chris
Killer sound bro
love the mix of instrumentation in this track.
guitar work is awesome with the harmonize .
very well arranged
spot on work.
enjoyed this track

10/19/08 08:04:23AM @durod:
Beautiful composition and the performance is beyond outstanding. This really takes you to a peaceful place. Exceptional guitar work too.

11/20/08 07:52:05PM @raz:
I LOVE this beautiful music you have made. Everything was so well played. The nylon string guitar was very evocative and moody. The strings were gorgeous but I thought they overpowered the guitars a bit. I loved the lead line and the tone you used. All the best, Raz
02/13/09 12:14:03PM @slowmarchingband:
Beautiful nylon string acoustic tone! Ambient rich! Mesmorizing/haunting and captivating all at the same time. I never get tired of this kind of music. Well performed and composed!
Mix Radio DJ Corner
05/17/13 09:51:26PM @mix-radio-dj-corner:
Super congrats on Artist of the Month!!Doing a Five for Friday of all your tunes on my radio show right now bro.You put such depth and feeling into all your music. You deserve AOTM! Sincerely, Devodale
11/16/08 10:50:26AM @blue-sahara:
Chris, mein Freund!
Aah, the acoustic is just such a treat, and I like it how you've merged it with the excellent synth pads. Beautiful, melodic and enchanting flow; takes you away to another realm. Everything is just so beautiful.
Loved every minute of it!

10/21/08 09:06:29AM @brian-mattson:
Beautiful ... Inspiring work. Love this very much.


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