Chris Georgiou
Chris Georgiou
Chris Georgiou

All I Want - with Peter Tamdog

album: Chris & friends
genre: Rock
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All music by Chris Georgiou All vocals by Peter Tamdog A Tribute to a great time....the 80`ths....!!!
All I Want - with Peter Tamdog
08/04/14 10:43:35PM @david-c-deal:
I love the power and fullness of that intro so much. And the power of your guitars on this are overwhelming. Peter one of the few vocalists I know who could of matched the power of the music.. and lord did he.
09/13/11 12:55:07AM @cooter:
What a wonderful story (your CSP again) about Peter and you. All best wishes to Peter.

Soaring guitar and soaring vocals. Chill bumps on my arms and legs. That doesn't happen too often nowadays. Outstanding music.

You have the gift, Chris. As does Peter. Love your phrasing with the guitar, and Peter's with the vocals. A lot of emotion in this tune.

Always a pleasure and a privilege listening to music this nicely done. A joy. I love it.


07/29/09 07:31:59PM @mike-s:
Great guitar work in this. Very pro sounding. Great production too.
07/23/09 01:13:35PM @tcp:
Soaring superb guitar work! Has an Asia sort of feel to it, meant as a compliment. Very very strong pro level production with solid vocal, lead, rhythm and KB performances. It's all excellent Chris....something to be very happy and proud of. Very impressive! ..Blake
Lyrical Princess
07/20/09 01:29:38PM @lyrical-princess:
Hey Chris, I really enjoyed listening to this. Your music is Superb, as are Peters' vocals.. It's got a definate 80's feel to it... Was taken back in time for a brief few minutes.. Then the song ended and I was snapped back to reality.. (LOL).... Excellent performance.. Everything sounds great!! I hope to be hearing more like this one in the future.. Thanks For The Music :)

All The Best,

Rob Grant
07/19/09 03:25:19PM @rayon-vert:
Chris and Peter!!! as I sit with a huge smile, I'm saddened by the lack of comments, for such a masterful piece of music. It's anthematic, powerful, vocally strong as H@LL, and produced perfectly. THANKS!!! for a SUPER listen and an addition to an already super collection of your music.

Farrell Jackson
07/18/09 12:59:10PM @farrell-jackson:
Wow Chris, I love the huge opening guitars and keys sound! Excellent vocals from Peter that fits this style perfectly. The mid-section has a very thick and dreamy vibe to it. The crowd sounds real and they loved you! Good one!


07/23/09 08:06:56PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Chris, this is an awesome collaboration and I will play it on my show this weekend. The vocals are just perfect in the mix and very powerful! Just what this already great instrumental needed!!


Dein Freund,


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