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Walking on water

album: Chris Moore
genre: Indie
streams: 477
creation date: 2011-06-22

  Song Lyrics
Walking on WaterI'm drowning in wordsWords are all I hearAnd my eyes are seeing something differentWords won't make it disappear And it's hard walking on...
  Song Information
I've wanted to do a remix of this one for a long while - I somehow didn't think I'd done the song justice with the original version.  This has new vocals, a...
Walking on water
11/21/17 12:28:02PM @piyali:
Another brilliant song writing...very sweet song.
11/16/17 07:52:22PM @tlt50:
"This theatre of life it's no bed of roses"...brilliant. The vocals are incredible as always. The keys are so well thought out and performed. Yes as Farrell said,awesome synth solo as well. I'm always amazed at your bass lines...these are fantastic.. Another big time tune , my friend... *****

Larry T

Farrell Jackson
11/16/17 04:44:19PM @farrell-jackson:
This is a very good song Chris. These lyric will hit home with many of us. Nice synth solo followed by the cool guitar work. A fine one!


11/16/17 11:58:35AM @david-c-deal:
Beautiful remix, composition, production and the lyrics touch home.
11/16/17 07:09:57AM @mach:
Wow! now this is top notch songwriting and the production is outstanding!


Barefoot Music
11/16/17 02:38:18AM @barefoot-music-group:
I just love your wordsmithing Chris.
Rob Grant
08/05/11 04:08:31PM @rayon-vert:
Chris.....GREAT to hear you again. From the opening piano note, I knew I'd love the song. There's some REALLY GREAT bass work here....WOWW!!!!!Very melodic, the way I love it. Thanks for the downloads....... :-)

07/25/11 06:01:33PM @hydrogen3:
Havent been on here in a long while. Came across your message that led me to your new song. GLAD i CHECKED IT OUT. very nice tune enjoyed my listen. H3 :)
Chris Georgiou
07/22/11 05:46:31PM @chris-georgiou:
Chris...I will walk on water with you...all the times...cause its so far away from all that earthbound stuff......wonderful have that feel bring us away from all that lifing here...not to forget whats on out it thats music......

07/20/11 06:33:21PM @salook:
Another big track to my ears, you have a great tone to your voice, love the volumes in the headphones here, nice and loud but smooth down the auditory canals...keep up the great work. peace.
06/30/11 12:03:32AM @mike-lynn:
Another lovely song Chris. Absolutely enjoyable, have downloaded it instantly. Great guitars & piano playing.
Just summing up, found that I actually have over ten of your songs on my various playlists.

Cheers / Mike (a fan for sure)

06/27/11 02:41:40AM @lodato:
Lovely melody as well performance.
Lyrical Princess
06/24/11 08:55:34PM @lyrical-princess:
Wow.. Long time Chris.. Listening, reading & crying.. Sorry.. am a very emotional person.. And these words speak to me.. Love the chiming sound in the beginning.. Your vocals are right on as expected :) Very ,Very Nice... Looking forward to hearing more ...5*****

All The Best,

06/23/11 06:58:55PM @mack-sanders:
Beautiful work Chris!
06/23/11 06:47:55PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Hey GSM! This is simpy awwesome. Straight forward lyrics with lots of meaning and feeling. Love the arragement. Great playing by all of you guys! This I will download for sure.

I am not sure if I have to work this weekend again, but it will be most definitely on my show (this or next week, we shall see)!

Shine on!!!!


Dylan Thermos
06/23/11 03:10:58PM @dylan-thermos:
Hi Chris, good opening to walking on water. Well recorded guitar and a good set of lyrics. Very tuneful and your voice is just perfect for this song.
I am a sucker when the lyrics are displayed, thanks for making the effort.
The guitar break is sectioned very nicely and fits so well.
I'm glad I found your page, it was worth the listen.....well done a track to be proud of this one.......dylan.

06/22/11 08:52:09PM @jciliom:
Nice track! Great to hear a song with real meaning. Great job! Peace and Blessings
07/04/11 10:19:45AM @gabriel-sabadi:
Glorious piece my brother. Haven't had a chance to get on line much lately so I just got to listen today for the 1st time. Vocals are beautiful with a very solid backing.

Lots of love

John R. Kennedy
06/22/11 07:17:07PM @john-r-kennedy:
Wow!! Really nice sound going on here and a great lyrics. I like the instrumentation and the vocals are right up front where they should be. Praise the Lord for great music and the web to share it with others.

Blessings, John

06/24/11 07:14:29AM @shane:
Hi Chris, i like this.
John R. Kennedy
06/26/11 12:45:34PM @john-r-kennedy:
Very nice composition and great production. Instrumentation and vocals are right on the money. Very nicely done.

Blessings, John


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