chris moore
chris moore
chris moore

Skies of blue

album: Chris Moore
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 355
creation date: 2011-07-19

  Song Lyrics
Nobody believed you when you were shouting it outNo we didn't want to listen 'cos we were full of doubt and time runs outIt's over there's nothing left to...
  Song Information
A song from 2011, re-mixed in 2017 Slightly pessimistic in tone, I'd been watching too many of those futurist eco-disaster films, perhaps!  I'm sure the sun...
Skies of blue
10/20/22 02:40:44PM @helosbonos:
Beautiful vocals harmonies. I hear some kind of modulation. Panning? I also love that arpeggio section.
sly puppy
11/28/17 05:36:03AM @emocion:
Skies - mine falling yours blue..

Great construction on this one it’s non stop but in a good way.
I liked the driving guitar parts and of course the little sky lead I’m a sucker for that sound.

As a view on where we are and perhaps where we are heading it’s poignant.
Can’t see things changing anytime soon though there’s too much power and wealth at stake.

A damned fine tune Chris


Rob Grant
08/05/11 04:15:21PM @rayon-vert:
WOW!! I love these layered vocals. Your really producing with alot of punch. The drums sound great. Nice guitar riff.

08/04/11 11:38:32AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Reviewing 2 of your tunes in one session reminds me of how confident and professional this material is - as I said earlier, completely irresistible. ftlpope
Chris Georgiou
07/22/11 05:37:42PM @chris-georgiou:
Chris, you are into know what I mean.. are deep deep into it...thats I love your doing what you a part of you in your song ....true..honesty....
fantastic work...great to know you and your music !!!
thanks for that great night-fly under the stars....
shine on.....

07/20/11 08:55:02PM @david-c-deal:
Great song Chris. I hope the implication of your lyrics is not prophetic but I fear they may not be. In any case, nice composition and production.
07/20/11 06:25:29PM @salook:
Great quality on this track, excellent song writing and production....the guitars are a pure listening pleasure! highly enjoyed listening to this track, thanks for sharing.
Farrell Jackson
07/20/11 01:29:59PM @farrell-jackson:
Fabulous song Chris even if the lyric is a bit of a downer! It's great to hear you're back in action and all your vox sound excellent here. I like the guitar work (at least I think it's a guitar) that runs in tandem with the synth lead. Great production!


08/05/11 06:19:22AM @bri-an:
Polished songwriting the intro, starts off very strong and remains consistent throughout the entire song...
Vocals are the highlite for me, harmonies , melodies, within...noice.
impressive is the keyboard work and the understanding of how other instruments are handled and approached...
Song of the week !! without a doubt. Congrates Chris, well deserved!!

08/04/11 04:10:00AM @self-tort:
Lovely work, Chris and a well-deserved accolade. Love the production and superb vocals. Loved the bubbly synth sound. Really liked the way you launched into the track with classic harmonies. Great balance between keys, bass drums and vocals. Superb work.


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