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Breaking into you

album: Chris Moore
genre: Pop Rock
streams: 588
creation date: 2011-07-22

  Song Lyrics
Breaking into you Lazing on a summer's dayAll the girls came out to playChased your pretty tail awayIt was the first time that I saw you Couldn't find the...
  Song Information
Another remix of one of my old tunes - this one comes from 2011 and was inspired by a chance meeting at an airport with a long-time hero of mine - Chris...
Breaking into you
11/21/17 12:23:54PM @piyali:
Absolutely love this song dear Chris! Great songwriting!
John R. Kennedy
09/11/13 02:40:24PM @john-r-kennedy:
Chris, Very lovely song. Very nice arrangement, instrumentation and mix is excellent. Nice one.

Peace and Blessings, John

10/07/12 10:17:09AM @john-frederick:
Very nice song well done nice vocal too thumbs up a winner
10/07/12 10:14:55AM @john-frederick:
Very nice song well done nice vocal too thumbs up a winner
Rob Grant
08/05/11 04:26:57PM @rayon-vert:
Chris!!! Do I hear BRITPOP!?!??! REALLY catchy track. LOVED that organ and change section. THANKS for ALL of the new music. You're still TOPS to me.

07/27/11 09:04:18AM @the-autumleaf:
Nice Pleasant song !!! Great singing as always .. the changes are really very attractive . Loved the lyrics too a nice pleasant feel to the whole song . Enjoyed every bit of it especially the changes in the first stanza.
Jay From The Autumnleaf

07/27/11 08:17:24AM @mel:
Chris!!! Love this happy, fun popsi song. Vocals are super as always, really catchy beat. Got me foot tapping and singing along, (badly). A great listen thank you. Hope all is well, Melzarooo
07/24/11 04:31:19PM @bri-an:
Hey Chris, Energy level and spontaneity of YES, great hook riffs and very pop-ular vocal techique...
harmonies are slicknpolished, as is the key board playing.. ( really like the change-up) drive in that was Noice.

07/23/11 11:57:18AM @david-c-deal:
Chris, this is a superb composition. I love the orchestration, the chorus. the overall song.
07/23/11 10:50:19AM @lodato:
a grabber for sure. nice vocal style and delivery on all fronts. radio friendly and ready for the airwaves.
07/23/11 02:47:36AM @tlt50:
Chris....hey man...! This is superbly done in all ways.! Tremendous arranging,mix and production... ! Love the Hammond work....awesome bro..! The vocals will always be the star ....fabulous friend... ! The guitar work....hell...Mate this the real deal...Bravo...!!!!

07/23/11 02:51:38AM @tlt50:
BTW....Fantastic songwriting....:),

Larry T *****

07/22/11 10:51:46PM @josephrodz:
Great song to party,i played on my show and they like it like i did. nice melody and song.

08/04/11 11:11:20AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Strutting, hugely optimistic, genre defying and instantly catchy tune that everyone including me seems to like. Irresistible! ftlpope


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