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chris moore
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album: Chris Moore
genre: Alternative
streams: 264
creation date: 2011-07-31

  Song Lyrics
HistoryIn history I could have been at AgincourtIn the burning fields with the dogs of warIn history I could have been a heroImmortalised by legend...
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  You can tell I'm having a couple of weeks off work. This one's been on the go for a while, keep wondering whether to change it again or leave it like it...
08/06/11 10:46:11AM @mark-cloutier:
Leave it man its powerful--catchy and loaded with soul--gets no better and nice to hear from you again Chris..I have not been by much but when i come by i realize once again what great people and music i am missing!cheers!
Rob Grant
08/05/11 04:12:17PM @rayon-vert:
MAN!!! I love this song. GREAT drive to this song....that bass really punches. Your vocals are as excellent as ever and I love this mix and production.

08/01/11 08:55:36PM @david-c-deal:
I'd love to hear bri-an drums on this one also. This song is fantastic but a powerful drum track would take this to another level. Your musicianship excels Chris.
08/01/11 06:39:47PM @bri-an:
Hey Chris..sounds great , lyric's grabbed my attention straight off the go button...cause History to me is another true constant...the narrated part was very Current and great idea to mention all the toysN Gadgets we all use and possess everyday by most on the planet......he instrumentation is very intriguing in the intro and lead the way nicely to the verse.
Smooth vocals.. noice, i would like to get a copy of this MP3 without the drums? possible? kool work Chris!

08/01/11 11:48:59AM @lodato:
Nice polished production. You're music is so confidant and clean. I like the way you create.
07/31/11 04:51:27PM @the-full-quid:
very very good song cool sounds like Duran Duran but in the early 90's . fantastic indeed . love this song . vocals sound great . and you Bio is amazing also .


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