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chris moore
chris moore


album: Chris Moore
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 82
creation date: 2017-01-20

  Song Lyrics
Where will you run to my pretty one When the oceans come back to reclaim all they’ve lost Will you be lucky my little one To live out your days as you pick...
  Song Information
This is another of my songs from 2009, written in the depths of the financial crisis.  One change for 2017 - where the lyrics say "six billion hungry mouths...
Doug Dickens
01/23/17 07:16:49PM @doug-dickens:
Chris, I echo David's thoughts. This is a spectacular song from start to finish. Up on tomorrow's showcase.
Farrell Jackson
01/21/17 02:51:01PM @farrell-jackson:
Chris, I had forgotten how well you sing. The piano sounds excellent and I like the song structure. It has a slight progressive vibe to it and the lyric have some very deep thoughts embedded in them. Nicely done!


01/20/17 09:15:14PM @chris-moore:
Thanks David! It's a long time since I've been here, I've got a lot of catching up and listening to do - and thankfully more time to do it now. Take care my friend.
01/20/17 08:21:17PM @davidcdeal-unpublished-developing-and-collaborative-works:
To my loss it has been some serious time since I have listened to your music. My, those lyrics are just damn superb! The music is rich, beautifully produced and beautifully orchestrated. Great to see you again!


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