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chris moore
chris moore

Come to your senses

album: Chris Moore
genre: Ballad
streams: 81
creation date: 2017-01-24

  Song Lyrics
I was only looking I was holding myself down A stranger in a new world coming to a border town I thought I had the strength I thought I had control A...
  Song Information
Another one of my old songs that disappeared from my page - this is a slow one from 2010 Thanks for listening Chris
Come to your senses
Doug Dickens
05/16/17 03:18:44PM @doug-dickens:
Real fine vocals on this one. Fine lyric structure and wonderful melody.
Gary Shukoski
02/08/17 02:55:50AM @gary-shukoski:
Nice, man! First time I've heard any of your stuff, Doug! Cool groove with your rhythmic guitar strumming!
Gary Shukoski
02/08/17 02:51:42AM @gary-shukoski:
Great beauty and clarity in this track! I like the gradual build here and sweet vocal harmonies toward the end.
01/28/17 01:36:59PM @david-c-deal:
I've been listening to the new songs posted on mix and almost all of them have a similar lyrical story as yours. Alienation, the hope of relationship to ease the pain... There is clearly something in the air we musicians are expressing. By the way, I love the song!
01/25/17 01:23:06PM @josephrodz:
Great song,lyrics and production, love the Allan Parsons vibe.


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