chris moore
chris moore
chris moore

Life as I know it

album: Chris Moore
genre: Fusion instrumental
streams: 75
creation date: 2017-04-16

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It's been a very long time since I finished anything new.  About five years, in fact. I'm not finding the words to write lyrics right now, so this one is an...
Life as I know it
10/22/22 07:52:58PM @helosbonos:
OMG I love the sound of that phaser guitar!
04/23/17 06:56:56PM @steve-bramer:
I love that this is so musical and very different (to my ear) from most of what I'm hearing around.
04/22/17 03:27:43PM @david-c-deal:
Chris, some very cool progressive keys around 2;00... I have been struggling to create new music as well... perhaps a symptom of the universal consciousness... or.. in any case great hearing a new composition from you. Your creative juices are definitely flowing now!
04/17/17 06:47:30PM @waveman:
I enjoyed the live sounding fusion of the 1st half, great dig on the bass. then came the delicate piano ambience in the 2nd part that kind of smoothed out the day, nice touch.


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