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chris moore
chris moore

If the truth is known

album: Chris Moore
genre: Slow Rock
streams: 112
creation date: 2017-05-05

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And I said... and you said...And we finished up hereAnd I hurt and you hurtAnd it's all about fear And there's you and there's meThere's no-one else...
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My first new song with vocals for five years, recorded in our building site of a front room with some rather dodgy audio connections - a few too many pops...
If the truth is known
Doug Dickens
05/16/17 03:16:16PM @doug-dickens:
Really enjoy your style, Chris. Downloading some for my radio show. Keep on.
05/13/17 12:34:25PM @chris-moore:
This tune is so relatable for me. Especially now. Thank you. Sweet way it just goes through you.

Thanks so much Rich. Had a few years when I couldn't write lyrics for one reason or another, and then suddenly this one came out of nowhere. Really pleased it meant something to you. Chris

05/12/17 04:47:48PM @lodato:
This tune is so relatable for me. Especially now. Thank you. Sweet way it just goes through you.
05/11/17 01:43:16PM @chris-moore:
Fungus-Dace "]
Reminds me of a great dear friend and artist. What more could I ask from a song? Some how, I take your song in my own personal way. Its like your helping me know myself. That my man is wonderful.!!..your writing songs to me. Or im hear them as that. What do I owe you man? Feel I do.

You know what, Dace - when I write songs, I write them for me, so that they touch me in some way. And then I listen to them a lot, because they speak to me. I kept my music to myself for a long time, and then, about ten years ago, I started sharing songs because I figured that if they can touch me, maybe they can do the same thing for somebody else. Most people listen and don't say anything. Some people listen and write nice things like "great track" or "really like the bass-line" or "great keys" or sometimes offer some helpful techical tips, and then some people - a very few - tell you how it made them feel...

I love writing music and lyrics, and putting songs together, and playing with them until I'm happy with them, but what I love most of all is knowing that whatever it is I created has had an effect on somebody else too. That is worth more to me than anything else that music could ever bring me.

You were one of the first people who ever commented on my music on the net - back on the old mixposure site when I first put up a couple of songs in 2006/7, one of the people who gave me the confidence to keep on doing it. I owe you man!

05/09/17 05:49:29AM @chris-moore:
Tricia C:
Very beautiful song... love the start and the very basic key sounds... then the lyrics start and are so soothing! If you have not been doing music I encourage you to continue and share here and I will share as much as I can too! Thank you!
Thank you Tricia for your lovely comments - there will be another song along very soon - when I'm (almost) happy with it...!

carol sue
05/06/17 10:25:22AM @carol-sue:
You've always been so very talented. Beautifully, you return with this lovely piece of music! ~Much enjoyed!
05/06/17 06:01:14AM @chris-moore:
Thanks very much Gary! All the best my friend.
Gary Shukoski
05/06/17 01:34:15AM @gary-shukoski:
Sounds great! I love all the elements going on here. Layers upon layers of ambient audio coolness and the vocal is perfectly fitting for the piece. Well put together!


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