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chris moore
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album: Chris Moore
genre: Alternative Funk
streams: 81
creation date: 2017-05-19

  Song Lyrics
Shine I want you to shine Break out of this place and time And fly yeah I wish you could fly And find that promised land Before the rivers run dry   Pray...
  Song Information
I wrote this song in December 2010 back in the days of GSM but I never put it up anywhere because it wasn't quite right... And last week i picked it up...
Chris Georgiou
09/16/17 05:13:51AM @chris-georgiou:
yes Chris - you shine!!!!!
feels so familia to hear your Music.
Big one.......
shine on my friend........

05/22/17 07:16:53AM @chris-moore:
Tricia, Dace, Kephas, thanks so much for listening and for your kind comments my friends.

Yes, Kephas, did all the tracks, but with a variety of things:

Piano is a Roland SRX Grand;
Synths are all Dimension Pro;
Guitars are all real, although there's a synth doubling the lead parts
-recorded the guitars clean through an Audiobox, then used Guitar Rig for amps and effects;
Drums are Session Drummer playing midi tracks recorded from keyboard;
Bass is Dimension Pro, again using a midi track recorded from keyboard, and then fiddled with a lot :)

As ever, I had a lot of fun doing it!

05/21/17 12:08:30PM @kephas:
I love it Chris: a pop-funk trip with some fusion interludes...Did you do all of the tracks? Excellent work brother! :)


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