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chris moore
chris moore

When we take time out

album: Chris Moore
genre: Alternative
streams: 62
creation date: 2017-05-22

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Given up looking out for you Familiar places with strangers in the street Yeah I've checked out all their faces I know you've never been there Because I...
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I recorded this vocal track a while back, but in the end I decided it was too much for the song I was working on.  I picked it up again a few days ago and...
When we take time out
sly puppy
11/28/17 05:29:36AM @emocion:
I’ve dropped down a page to pick up something I may not have heard ..
I’ve heard this one before a few times it’s a little gem of a song.
That sparkling introduction lead delightfully into the fragile vocal and the subtle backdrop.
Orchestration is crystal clear and pitched perfectly to compliment the vocal.
Lyrics are genuine and pointed for many relationships.

Songs that rely on the vocal and minimal musical backing can often fall short but for my money this one hits the mark plum Center


05/27/17 07:22:45PM @david-c-deal:
I am touched by your lyrics... mystical yet personal and present at the same time. Your songwriting is just beautiful my friend.
Farrell Jackson
05/23/17 11:05:44AM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent lyric Chris! I like the concept of "When we take time out". A perfect musical bed for your melody. You call it simple but put together it sounds way more than simple to my ears.



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