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chris moore
chris moore

I'm a man

album: Chris Moore
genre: Alternative
streams: 66
creation date: 2017-06-12

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Day by day by day by day I'm getting closer to the answer Am I going to dream my life away? Is there something else inside of me to find?   Yeah I'm a...
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I put the original version of this song up here back in 2009, but it got lost somewhere.  I found it again and re-mixed it this weekend, with a few...
I'm a man
06/20/17 07:54:48PM @tlt50:
An incredibly composed song. Lovely vocals and heat felt lyrics.The tune... has some fantastic instrumentation ...loved the piano . Bravo...outstanding in every way. *****
Doug Dickens
06/20/17 12:57:59PM @doug-dickens:
What a wonderful song Chris. Will start your spotlight tonight with this beauty.
Charlie Beige
06/19/17 06:44:55PM @charlie-beige:
Oh yes Chris - loving the vocal and the lyrics - i really enjoy well written lyrics especially when sung to such lovely song and that piano - always love piano and this is solid throughout. Thanks Chris - so easy to listen to. Vocal is spot on
06/13/17 10:39:14AM @ronbowes:
Cool song Chris. Performed with feeling.
06/12/17 07:53:54PM @chris-moore:
Thank you Dace, and thank you Tricia! One from the heart, this one...


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