chris moore
chris moore
chris moore

You can hold your head high

album: Chris Moore
genre: Rock
streams: 144
creation date: 2017-08-14

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You'll maybe find me here one day And I don't know just what will rest of me One single sheet of paper All that's left for eternity Came here for...
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This is a soldier's story - I've no idea what part of my head this one came from suddenly.  It's a progressive rock tune; more of a musical movie than...
You can hold your head high
01/14/18 07:11:49AM @sergej77:
you are simply good..!
creative excellent arrangement and your voice...sounds great..!!!
...and your voice is really something beautiful...

08/19/17 06:34:06PM @chris-moore:
Inge, Dace, Toni, I know I've thanked you elsewhere, but I just want to do it again here. You guys are a big part of what makes this place so special, and why it's been my musical home ever since I started making music to share again about twelve years ago. What with the time zones and all, I don't get to many of the radio shows, but I love this family and the talent on here, and it's a great source of inspiration to get better all the time 😜
Barefoot Music
08/19/17 05:46:49PM @barefoot-music-group:
Powerfully evocative Chris. Stirs up emotions that I believe a love song should absolutely do.
Your beautiful piano just enhances that feel.

08/18/17 05:46:31AM @chris-moore:
Thank you, Tricia and Ron 🙂 my friends!
08/17/17 01:33:21PM @ronbowes:
Very accomplished piece of work. Top notch production values. Moves through the sections seamlessly. Well done Chris.
08/15/17 04:46:47PM @chris-moore:
Thanks so much, Bob, Larry and Toni. I had so much fun making this one - and to pinch Larry's phrase "the icing on the cake" is knowing that you guys listen to it and feel moved to comment 😁
Barefoot Music
08/15/17 07:18:45AM @barefoot-music-group:
Powerfully so evocative Chris. Love the emotive piano and vocals.
08/14/17 10:50:52PM @tlt50:
The intro.....superb piano Chris. Lovin' the progression... orchestration is icing on the cake. Amazing vocals..... incredible arrangement.....this is becoming EPIC .Marvelous mastery...of musicianship , creativity , heat and soul.....and production Sir. You're in the zone with this tune. Just amazing... ***** Bravo....

Larry T.


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