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chris moore
chris moore

Set the people free

album: Chris Moore
genre: Pop Rock
streams: 98
creation date: 2017-08-25

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These are bad times We're having trouble these are sad times So read the signs They're telling stories in the headlines Tell me I'm wrong Because I've...
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This one has been a little while in the making - six weeks since the original idea.  It started out after listening to "sky full of stars", but along the...
Set the people free
Doug Dickens
09/14/17 06:47:42PM @doug-dickens:
Chris, contemporary and truthful, your lyrics ring true. Glad there is someone out here who is not afraid to say it as it is with a turn to the positive. Thanks ...
Doug Dickens
09/14/17 06:45:42PM @doug-dickens:
Chris, you certainly have a way with the lyric and your contemporary topics are grand.
carol sue
08/27/17 02:21:42PM @carol-sue:
I've sure enjoyed your music over the years...
as you give me great reasons too!

08/26/17 03:25:53PM @chris-moore:
Dace, Inge, thank you so much😃 Given the subject matter, it's not a song that's going to please everyone, but if I can use what I have to say what I think needs to be said, that's important to me.


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