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chris moore
chris moore

Waiting till St Peter comes to call

album: Chris Moore
genre: Slow Rock
streams: 94
creation date: 2017-08-28

  Song Lyrics
I was walking downtown Where the streets are paved with gold I was feeling like a stranger I was feeling kinda old  He was lying in the doorway Like he...
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I think this is probably the quickest song I've ever done from starting with nothing.  I had an idea at about 11pm on Saturday night for a little guitar...
Waiting till St Peter comes to call
08/30/17 06:14:25AM @chris-moore:
Thank you Toni! The lyrics from one of my favourite songs from 30 years ago - Deacon Blue's "Dignity" - have always made me feel a certain way, and I think it was in the back of my mind when I wrote this one. That and John Cougar Mellencamp's "Jack and Diane" from a few years before, I loved the interaction of the piano and guitar in that one, and that chorus line "life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone" I think I was maybe subconsciously trying to put the two together.
Barefoot Music
08/30/17 05:25:43AM @barefoot-music-group:
You have a masterful way of weaving a story through your songs that sets my mind on fire with empathy and compassion. I will have to include this in the Social Commentary show too.
Fabulous Chris!

08/28/17 05:44:38PM @chris-moore:
Thanks so much Tricia. It's taken a little while to find the voice again after a few years away. Coming back now though, getting better, just need to keep at it...! First song for a long time where I've been confident enough in the first take not to resort to melodyne or whatever to fine-tune the vocals. Maybe I'll sing live again one day... who knows :) Thanks again!
08/28/17 03:52:07PM @chris-moore:
Thanks Dace! I've always struggled with trying to get the sound I wanted when producing my songs - always tried layers and layers of effects to try and get things to sound right and ended up with a bit of a compromise every time. A couple of months ago I upgraded my Sonar DAW software to the Platinum version and suddenly all the things I found really hard to do became SO much easier. I also joined a user group on FB that's given me a load of tips and showed me how easy it can be. The biggest change is using a linear multiband compressor on the master, but also the level of Eq and compression on all the individual tracks makes a huge difference. This song has five instrumental tracks and one vocal, which is pretty minimal for me. No pads anywhere and only two FX busses. With what I was using before it would have sounded too empty to my ears, but with this new stuff it seems to make it wall-to-wall. I'm having a lot of fun at the moment!


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