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chris moore
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Giving it up

album: Chris Moore
genre: Soul/Funk
streams: 72
creation date: 2017-09-05

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Giving it up Taken all I can from the things I've seenLearned about the power of what we knowAnd I've seen so many pictures of insanityMan's inhumanity to...
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Oh man I had some fun doing this one!! Started it on Sunday, so another quick one for me.  Think Simply Red's "money's too tight" and Tom Brown's "funkin...
Giving it up
12/23/17 11:32:33PM @cooter:
Mighty fine in every way, Chris. Mighty fine.
Doug Dickens
09/14/17 06:09:49PM @doug-dickens:
Another winner, Chris. Great lyric.
09/08/17 07:38:06PM @chris-moore:
Thanks Tricia, I guess that money is important in that we all need it to live, but in the end it's just a tool we have to use. I can't understand people who have it as their goal in life. And I have to say I've met a few, but not on here, thankfully! 🙂


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