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chris moore

Not in my name

album: Chris Moore
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 52
creation date: 2017-09-16

  Song Lyrics
The silos are open The missiles are locked On their final objectives As they wait for the clock The temperature's rising Talking is dead It's time for some...
  Song Information
The moment before armageddon... a happy little idea that came to me a couple of days ago. Thanks for listening!
Not in my name
09/20/17 07:06:23AM @chris-moore:
Aw, thanks Carol Sue! There's a slightly happier one on the way, won't be long! 😃
carol sue
09/18/17 12:26:04PM @carol-sue:
Sure is nice seeing you around again, Chris! :)
You just know I've always been a fan of you, and your music!
Every note and sound, so well defined are your talents~ one more great tune,
keep them coming!!

09/17/17 08:55:52PM @chris-moore:
Thanks Bob! I had some fun doing the bass-line in this one 😜
09/17/17 12:51:53PM @chris-moore:
Thanks Tricia! Yes, not one of my happiest songs, but somehow the music pushed me in that direction with the lyrics. Working on some happier ones though! 🙂
09/17/17 08:15:05AM @chris-moore:
Thanks Ron! I like to have a blast with the guitar from time to time 😋
09/17/17 06:36:32AM @ronbowes:
Interesting choice of subject for a song. The verse has a slight Bowie vibe. Nice playing on the bridge. Cool choooon, Chris.


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