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chris moore

We're not moving mountains

album: Chris Moore
genre: Unplugged
streams: 185
creation date: 2017-09-20

  Song Lyrics
You can stay in your bed it's alright Play those games in your head it's alright You can leave me aside it's alright Keep your anger inside it's alright...
  Song Information
I guess you'd call this one another love song.  We all have our ups and downs but it's what's deep down that counts... After many hours spent trying to get...
We're not moving mountains
Gary Shukoski
10/18/17 01:48:49AM @gary-shukoski:
This needs absolutely NOTHING else! Very passionate and raw but recorded with the utmost clarity and precision! Love your voice on this one too.
09/27/17 07:15:31AM @chris-moore:
Thanks Doug! Sorry I missed the show last night, had to get up early today!
Doug Dickens
09/26/17 04:37:42PM @doug-dickens:
Another beauty, Chris. You certainly have a way weaving the lyric and melody.
09/22/17 08:24:35AM @chris-moore:
Thanks so much Larry! Ears are going a little red now...😊
09/21/17 11:50:01PM @tlt50:
Just a remarkable song Chris. Music ,vocals and your lyrics are fantastic.Did I mention...songwriting and production. What a talent you are. *****

Larry T

09/21/17 07:35:52PM @chris-moore:
Thanks Tricia!! I thought it was time for a more downtempo heartfelt song after the last two - but at the moment I've no idea what the next one's going to be like... always thinking about the next one, lol 😛
09/21/17 07:09:27PM @chris-moore:
Thanks so much Bob and David - as you might have guessed, it's quite a personal song for me. I don't usually go there - usually use external themes, but sometimes it's good to focus a bit closer to home 🙂
09/21/17 06:48:50PM @david-c-deal:
Beautiful Chris.. beautiful lyrics touch my lovely
09/21/17 12:39:44PM @chris-moore:
Farrell, Ron, thanks to both of you! Sometimes I get too hung up on convention, I should think back to those days of making music with Gabriel and Chris G to realise that feeling is much more important than structure 🙂
09/21/17 10:09:59AM @ron-dadey:
Hi Chris.... I completely agree with Farrell.... I saw your FB post regarding the bass and drums, been there before LOL. But in this case it worked out for the better... awesome song my friend - Ron
Farrell Jackson
09/21/17 09:12:39AM @farrell-jackson:
A good song Chris. I think without bass and drums leaves the song with a lot of room to breath and lets the subtle synth notes come through nicely. The emotion in this is very touching and sentimental. The guitar solo was a prefect fit to help finish it off. Well done!


09/20/17 04:14:49PM @chris-moore:
Thanks Michael! Yeah, it didn't' seem to work any other way 🙂


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