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chris moore
chris moore

Fragile and counting

album: Chris Moore
genre: Alternative
streams: 196
creation date: 2017-10-01

  Song Lyrics
Fragile Fragile and counting Fragile  Fragile and counting Can you hear my words Can you feel my nerves I don't want no trouble  I'm no saint I'm just an...
  Song Information
Another little shout at the world.  I seem to be doing a lot of this lately...!Thanks for listening, my friends.
Fragile and counting
Gary Shukoski
10/18/17 01:42:38AM @gary-shukoski:
This is AWESOME! Your music is very moving and inspiring. Love the bass movement in this and the soft ambient keys. Vocals, words, and melodies fit the song perfectly.
10/04/17 05:54:13PM @robert-watson:
I'm loving the flow of this song. Nice and sweet.
10/02/17 02:54:04AM @philjackson:
Well done Chis another great song with strong lyrics and passion.... Bravo!


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