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chris moore
chris moore

The dancer in my head

album: Chris Moore
genre: Art Rock
streams: 162
creation date: 2017-10-11

  Song Lyrics
Daybreak and the mist is still to rise up from the plainTo wake the dancer in my head who brings the rainStill the shadows of the past are ever...
  Song Information
This is not a conventional song.  There's no verse, no chorus.  It's a journey that will take you through some of the places that it's taken me this last...
The dancer in my head
Bamil Music
10/29/17 07:12:45AM @bamil:
Excellent music work Chris and lovable spirit when it comes to express through your melodies 👍🎸🎶
10/23/17 08:50:27PM @avmo:
What a great track. Your vocals are outstanding...especially when you double them.
Farrell Jackson
10/23/17 11:38:25AM @farrell-jackson:
Wow what an epic song! It's good to hear something now and then without the standard structure. Some very personal lyric you've written Chris. Sometimes the personal nature of lyric will evade the listener but not in this least not for me. There's plenty of room for interpretation. Nicely done!


Gary Shukoski
10/18/17 01:34:54AM @gary-shukoski:
Beautiful piece sir! I love all the places this piece takes me. It has an overall uplifting and epic feel to it. I love all the different progressions here. Well done!
10/11/17 03:36:30PM @david-c-deal:
Very painful lyrics my friend. The rain comes down in my head all to often as well. Beautiful expression.
10/11/17 02:24:42PM @ronbowes:
Pleasant meandering song Chris. a song without structure and yet structured. Rivalling me on the prolific front ;-)


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