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chris moore
chris moore

When you know

album: Chris Moore
genre: Pop Rock
streams: 129
creation date: 2017-10-25

  Song Lyrics
When you know Could have been in Hong Kong It could have been in Rome I could have been in New York or Could have been at home It isn't what you sound like...
  Song Information
This one is a bit different to the last few songs I've written.  Just a lot of exuberance and a catchy little hook.  Hope you like it!  Thanks for listening 
When you know
11/09/17 08:44:44PM @tlt50:
Brilliant songwriting ..The music , your vocals and the lyrics make for a great listen..Enjoyed all the stellar piano work , just great keys through out ***** Awesome ,

Larry T

10/25/17 07:19:34PM @chris-moore:
Thanks so much Tricia @tricia-crawford and Toni @barefoot-music-group. After I'd done the music, I was trying to get something special with that feeling of the unexplainable in the lyrics - looks like it worked! Can't tell you how good it is when someone tells you they recognise what you thought (or hoped) you had put into a song. Big smile here!!
Barefoot Music
10/25/17 07:03:44PM @barefoot-music-group:
Like Trish said, kudos to you on another love song. To be honest I've been waiting.. lol
Your song has a beautiful message, it's like it's no right brain, no left brain thing. Can't explain it.
Really a lovely!


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