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Don't let me down

album: Chris Moore
genre: Something else
streams: 277
creation date: 2018-06-13

  Song Lyrics
Don’t let me down Lit up gold in the lights On the square by the park Ten chimes of a clock Like a distant remark There’s no-one on show here The basement...
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A bit different this.  Almost like something from a musical, maybe - thought I'd try a different vocal style to see what it sounded like?  I'll leave the...
Don't let me down
Frank Northcutt
01/15/19 08:28:43PM @frank-northcutt:
A real intimacy is added to the lyrics with the recitative delivery. Love the contrast between the atmospheric pads and the punctuation of the bass lines. Nice work as always, Chris!
06/24/18 12:15:14PM @rs-cain:
"Maybe our lives are too demanding
Or the other way about"
Love that line....
This is one of those songs where part way through you go "wow, I wish I'd written this"
Yes, this does have the feel of musical theater, but the centerpiece, the theme of the show.
Your vocals are just great, no other way to describe it.
Lyrics, well, as I said, I wish I'd written them.

06/18/18 10:52:20AM @david-c-deal:
Chris, those vocals are much more distinct. What is the new Mic you are using? (Oh the song is fine, especially the lyrics lol )
carol sue
06/18/18 09:24:59AM @carol-sue:
Thoughtful and beautiful, peaceful and rather relaxing is this listen.
Very nicely done, as everything I have ever heard you do, Chris!!

Farrell Jackson
06/17/18 09:58:10AM @farrell-jackson:
Chris I think this style works very well. It's very cinematic with lots of imagery in the lyric. The talking/singing style of your vocal helps tell the story with a very personal touch. Nice work here!


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