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You make your own bed

album: Chris Moore
genre: Indie
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  Song Lyrics
You make your own bed Nothing breaking latelyThere’s nothing new to light the starsThis is a life of mindless routineNine to five and sleep and endless...
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Here's another new one.  Starts out nice and quiet for a bit.  And then... well, not so quiet.  Thanks for listening!
You make your own bed
Farrell Jackson
05/29/19 11:45:23AM @farrell-jackson:
An excellent song and performance Chris ! The "not so quiet" section of the song is perfectly executed.


carol sue
05/27/19 07:52:52AM @carol-sue:
Amazing song, Chris..
So very well written, and I just adore your voice.
Top stars from me~ ***** with a Bravo to top!!


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