chris moore
chris moore
chris moore


album: Chris Moore
genre: Art Rock
streams: 121

  Song Lyrics
Captive When you lie beside meWhen you stare in my eyesWhen you lie beside meWhen you stare mesmerised I strayed into your worldYour world without a plan to...
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I've been itching to put this song out there for so long...  The first mix was back in March and here we are at the end of May, and this is mix number 30,...
sly puppy
06/24/19 04:29:48AM @emocion:
That’s such a very personal track Chris the heart just flows from those words.
Musically I can sense a touch of the Atlantica sound palette but more soundscaped in nature.
Great use of sound to add the dimensions in short a song to be very proud of !

06/23/19 04:57:12PM @star4mation:
Superb track Chris. Nice synth and fantastic vocals :)
Frank Northcutt
06/08/19 07:59:43PM @frank-northcutt:
A beautifully crafted song, Chris. Love the performance and production. Great work!
06/02/19 09:39:29PM @the-london-project:
Absolutely superb Chris! I always enjoy a great musical journey. Excuse me while I listen again!
06/02/19 04:53:12PM @cugel:
Great song! For some reason reminds me a little of Genesis. For me, that's no bad thing!
tony cee
06/02/19 03:37:49PM @tony-cee:
superb songwriting . great vocal and production ,,,,, fantastic ,.......tony cee
carol sue
06/02/19 06:32:45AM @carol-sue:
Smooth as silk!


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