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chris moore
chris moore


album: Chris Moore
genre: Alternative
streams: 106

  Song Lyrics
Butterflies Another time I may not be scaredBut butterflies are hard to repairLittle words lead into other worlds and moreDon’t ever learn from lives that...
  Song Information
A gentle little song about feeling scared to get into a new relationship - hope you enjoy it and thanks for listening!
07/12/19 06:35:51AM @piyali:
Absolutely love it dear Chris! Excellent lyrics, vocals and music, great production all around! Beautiful song and I love your vocals!
07/12/19 05:54:18AM @david-c-deal:
The lyrics are just beautiful Chris, beyond the norm. The music paints them on the canvas and you create another masterpiece. Wonderful, wonderful.
07/06/19 01:21:50AM @kephas:
Beautiful Chris!
Sublime lyrics...
Love the production.
Love the dynamics.
Excellent work on Vox.
5 Stars!!!

06/17/19 05:46:55PM @cugel:
It's all been said so eloquently by the other reviewers here so I'll just add that I found this thoroughly enjoyable!
carol sue
06/16/19 11:08:32PM @carol-sue:
Such bliss.. so wonderfully, this feeling of peace overwhelms me while listening.
Chris.. not only do you create amazing showcases of music.. you create feeling.
I loved listening to your many blessings! :)

06/16/19 06:51:15PM @tlt50:
Beautiful writing, performance, and production Chris. Your music and vocals are always so superb. *****

Larry T.

tony cee
06/16/19 02:02:09PM @tony-cee:
nice tune great sound superb writing , cheers ,,,,,,tony cee
06/16/19 08:57:15AM @wricky:
No matter what style you roll out each time Chris , it always sounds like you know what you want and you know what you are doing. ~cheers!


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