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chris moore
chris moore

When I'm with you

album: Chris Moore
genre: Pop Rock
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When I’m with you We’re up we’re downWe fly, we drownWe play aroundWe run aground Your eyes hold the secrets that we know insideRealities so hard to...
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A bit more pop than rock, this one.  Hope you like it and thanks for listening!
When I'm with you
carol sue
07/13/19 07:49:08PM @carol-sue:
I often close my eyes when you sing, Chris..
You take me places with your vivid lyrics and convincing vocals.
Start to finish.. this is one fine work of art from you~ I much enjoyed!

tony cee
07/06/19 03:46:42PM @tony-cee:
love it chris , superb lyrics great vocal , fantastic mix ,,, just superb …….cheers tony cee
07/05/19 08:52:12PM @ron-dadey:
Is this new? very nice ;-)


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