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Don't waste your time

album: Chris Moore
genre: Alternative
streams: 85

  Song Lyrics
Don’t waste your time  You see only what you want That’s a gift that I could use Cause I see people I see people I see people on the run With everything to...
  Song Information
After a drought of nearly two years, a song fell out of my head! The inspiration? It's a little tune inspired by my interactions on Twitter It's good to...
Don't waste your time
08/25/22 02:58:23PM @chris-moore:
Thanks Rich! I’ve certainly been awaiting it a long time 😂. On with the next one now!
08/25/22 02:46:02PM @lodato:
Very nice awaited tune man.
08/25/22 01:49:27PM @chris-moore:
Thanks so much, Farrell! It’s been a barren couple of years for lyrics for me. I’ve got various musical ideas recorded, but they’re all in the queue for words. Still, I’ve written a novel that’s in the course of being edited, so the creative time hasn’t been completely lost! Thanks again, my friend.
Farrell Jackson
08/25/22 11:39:56AM @farrell-jackson:
A wonderful song Chris with some cool vocals and words! I hope your musical drought is broken. If this song is any indication that it is, I think we are all in for a treat going forward. Welcome back!


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