Dave Coonrod aka Fender Bender
Dave Coonrod aka Fender Bender

album: URok
genre: Symphonic Rock
streams: 144
creation date: 2013-07-15

10/11/13 08:28:48AM @cooter:
Dave, this is a wonderful listen, good sir. Wonderful melody lines. And the way you have structured the tune is interesting. Love the building tension around the 3 minute mark, and its subsequent release is... it *feels* good. Really nicely done, Dave.


07/15/13 11:30:27PM @david-c-deal:
Dave, the depth of your musical ability is outstanding! This is a fine, fine composition. It is amazing how you used that new "instrument" to create something as complex musically and sonically as URok.
Fender Bender
07/18/13 09:28:46AM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
Carol, it is you and the rest of the Mixposure crew that deserve the thanks for giving the rest of us the opportunity to present our music. Thanks to you!


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