Is This Love

album: Forbidden Love
genre: Accoustic
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Is This Love Music By Digital Jon Lyrics By Bamil Gutiérrez Collado Vocals, Guitar And Soundscapes By BAMIL Recorded At BAMIL's Cave Wolf Recording S2dio In...
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Written by Digital-J & Bamil Gutierrez Collado
Is This Love
Bamil Music
09/20/13 12:20:28PM @bamil:
Thanks Jon for allow me work on your song, always look forward and never pay attention to people who doesn't give constructive advices and only spend time talking negative.
09/19/13 06:10:48PM @digital-j:
Hi Lodato, it s a clip because i had it up for sale. Now i have removed pricing, you can listen to full song. I thought i made a mistake, but realize it was like this after listening to other people tracks with pricing. Please take another listen. Thanks. :)
09/19/13 01:39:56PM @lodato:
Really a clip? Can't give a review on a clip. But from what I heard it was nice but for my taste, too much reverb on the vox.


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