I want to Love You

album: Dirtzilla Presents, Sounds from My Ladies
genre: Jazzy Funk
streams: 15

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This track I created back when I first started making track tracks. I didn't know what I was doing then and still don't know much but I decided to remix it...
I want to Love You
12/09/20 11:11:36PM @dirtzilla:
I play the bass and I make all my tracks with Loops. Loops are short copies of instruments played in 2 or 4 bars. I put them together like a Jigsaw puzzle the same is done with the vocals. This is how I create tracks. Then I mix and master them to complete my tracks.
Gary Dabrowski
12/09/20 09:43:42PM @gary-dabrowski:
hey Dirtzilla...I like this one, and all I've heard from you...tell me more about yourself, are you a musician?...if yes, what do you play?...do you use a variety of musicians/vocalists?...it sounds like it, but you don't mention anyone else on your songs...maybe I just need to know about loops...I've heard the term, but don't know about them...???


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