This Boy got me singing La La La

album: Dirtzilla - Jazzy Smooth and Funky
genre: Trap
streams: 30

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Trying my hand at Trap, I hope you enjoy it, and please leave a comment or suggestion.
This Boy got me singing La La La
07/01/21 09:06:10PM @lodato:
Very cool arrangement and production.
Michael Slider
07/01/21 02:12:36PM @slider:
Awesome music !!!
07/01/21 10:21:41AM @jimsae:
Very jazzy and very funky indeed! I played this on my show Monday night, and the crowd in chat loved it! You make great music!
Gary Dabrowski
06/25/21 06:05:56PM @gary-dabrowski:
honestly, this is not my favorite type of music...but you did a good job producing it, I appreciate that...I usually listen to your music, because as a general rule I like it!...I didn't even know what 'trap' was, so I looked it up...learned something
Queen Regina
06/25/21 05:35:44AM @queen-regina:
Very smooth, jazzy & flavorful. Nice track.


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