Doctor C
Doctor C

Watching Federer

genre: Symphonic Rock
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I composed this 2 days ago when Federer beat Djokovic, and finished the song today right after my man had won his 7th Wimbledon. The ending 7 chords are...
Watching Federer
Farrell Jackson
07/08/12 03:11:36PM @farrell-jackson:
Great composition DrC! The flute is fantastic but the organ solo stole the show....he he...7 ending chords for 7 trophies...great symbolism!


Rob Grant
07/15/12 12:39:40PM @rayon-vert:
Hey DOC!!!! Excellent piece of music. Always love your flute, but this time the Organ stole the show. MAN!! What a GREAT attack sound. The classic B-3 sound.....Loved it!!

07/13/12 11:08:42PM @david-c-deal:
I always enjoy listen to your organ and the middle of this song is no exception. The flute steals the attention of this song. At times it sounds like a Bach composition.. very nice.
07/10/12 09:39:17PM @john-frederick:
Great sound this is cool Great composing
Gary Carciello
07/17/12 02:52:06AM @gary-carciello:
Federer song...great symphonic rock piece!!!
I like sounds and leads a lot!
Hammond was excellent.



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