Doctor C
Doctor C

Dancing with the Stars

genre: Symphonic Rock
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Gary Carciello - guitars Doctor C - music, keyboards, arrangement, production This is my little tribute to the great show in anticipation of the 2012 fall...
Dancing with the Stars
Paul Oakley
08/14/12 03:27:52PM @paul-oakley:
Love the variety between the flute, guitar and harpsichord. Always something going on but without ever getting too busy - it all fits together in a perfect blend! Oh, and the excellent musicianship goes without saying :)


Farrell Jackson
08/06/12 11:04:48AM @farrell-jackson:
As always a fabulous song plus an outstanding arrangement and mix DrC! You haven't lost a single step with Dancing With The Stars. Gary's guitar playing IS in credible! I hope you get your wish and land a musical spot on the show.


08/10/12 08:12:16AM @josephrodz:
This sound like Jethro Tull and I love it!
you know how to pic the right combinations of key sound and the guitar KIKAZZ!

08/06/12 07:54:31PM @david-c-deal:
Awesome Key work DrC, though of course I have learned to expect nothing less from you. Nice variety of instruments which play very nicely with the guitar leads. Proud to know you.


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