Best Friends

album: Best Friends
genre: Indie
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BEST FRIENDSI heard the stories of their younger daysOf laughter and tears along the wayLife was a struggle but they had each otherBest friends for life,...
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I wanted to write a song for my wife and I thought one about her relationship with her mother and best friend would be something really special to her. Their...
Best Friends
02/15/09 10:23:55AM @jdk:
Best Friends- i can really relate to this during my upbringing. great vocals, with poignant lyrics, great mix. great performance.


11/11/08 07:47:55PM @blue-sahara:
The title song of your CD and your live performances!
Duane, it is always a true pleasure listening to your songs, buddy! Best Friends, as all your songs, has such a great message and your voice is so smooth and clear. I also want to point out the great mix!
Again, well done my friend!

10/31/08 04:23:35AM @mike-lynn:
Very nice effort and the mix is good. Personally I think the melody line of the verses & chorus are not differentiated strong enough. Cheers.
Doctor C
10/28/08 08:35:45PM @doctor-c:
Great song! Very nice arrangement - love the organ part, what instrument is that? Sounds like Vox Continental but somehow I don't believe my guess is right :-) The vocals are very cool, and the lyrics are memorable. Well done!
10/27/08 02:46:28PM @the-autumleaf:
Lovely song Nice feel

David Holywood
10/27/08 12:44:57PM @link:
Sweet little song and a big voice as usual :) The cow bell rides this song to another level...
10/27/08 10:24:31AM @mark-reed:
This is sweet, nice story to the lyrics. well done


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