back on track

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genre: Electronic
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creation date: 2015-03-23

back on track
01/01/18 01:23:03PM @ms-p:
Hi Elektronz. I do apologize for the double commenting I'm having to go through. I sorta messed up on my first account. Forgot the way I spelled Ms. P and then went completely brain dead and forgot the silly pswd. Anywho, I simply love this piece. I've always liked your muzik. Even the one that was a full song that lasted two seconds..LOL...I am enjoying this one immensely.
12/25/17 10:05:32AM @msp:
Elektronz. Don't know if you remember Mr. P. I am the same just
walking a different path now.
I have always like your muzik and this is one of em.


03/23/15 04:27:39PM @elektronz:
thx kerrin glad u liked ,,its not a very full on tune but im just glad im back writing again :)
03/23/15 04:16:51PM @reeker:
I like the timing on this it turned out well on the drums. When the bass kicks in the build up is nice. Well done! This has a nice chill out vibe to it too :)


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