summers here

album: 14
genre: Electronic
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creation date: 2016-04-22

summers here
sly puppy
05/10/16 02:31:32PM @emocion:
Ok I've stumbled here from a conversation about songwriting technique - Jim said you should never retract an opinion and he's right.
So the music - to start with the synths in your little studio drew me along too : anyone with that kind of armoury should conjure magical moments: and you have.
It's eclectic in its form and composition never quite settling into any one genre flitting between a few - those inspirations you quote are all there Kraftwerk yeah I'm also bucking up Prodigy vibes and a definite Gary Numan undertow from the flanged strings - like that sound s lot .
For me you have within this track at least two songs in their own right but that's just my thought process how approach music composition. That said Jim and others would tell you they never quite know what to expect from me creatively ūüėĄ

I like what you've done here and the mix is good and clear despite there being a lot going on with more than one or dynamic twists thrown in there - it showcases an imaginative mind

Good work

04/24/16 02:36:36PM @erne:
Yes, I hear it. summers here. I like it a lot. In fact I like all I hear from you.


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