Liliths Daughter Combined Mix

album: The Devine Years
genre: MMetal
streams: 66
creation date: 2021-11-05

  Song Lyrics
Lilith’s Daughter (v1) She’s the ailment and the antidote The silver dagger at your throat She’ll prick the skin then lick the blood Her smould’ring eyes...
  Song Information
A very different song from Donna
Liliths Daughter Combined Mix
Farrell Jackson
11/09/21 09:53:47AM @farrell-jackson:
Now this is very dark and tasty! Cool music, vox and story line!
11/09/21 08:55:33AM @ronbowes:
Love the string sound on this. Very dramatic intro. Dark stuff. Cool composition.
State of Flow
11/06/21 11:50:38PM @state-of-flow:
Five stars from me.
State of Flow
11/06/21 11:48:50PM @state-of-flow:
Cool stuff there! A big rocking sound.
The Gigglefits
11/06/21 12:02:22AM @the-gigglefits:
So loving this going to spin it tomorrow #DjTonyCPickhits


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