I Wrote You Three Poems

album: The Devine Years
genre: pop
streams: 22

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I Wrote You Three Poems Intro/Chorus I wrote you three poems My darling, my dear And would read them aloud If I thought you could hear V1 The first...
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A traditionaly dark lyric set to a pretty tune
I Wrote You Three Poems
12/20/21 10:29:13PM @moquinn:
Deep and beautiful

Melani Cholie
12/04/21 06:35:15AM @melani-cholie:
very very nice!!
Eric Saitz
12/02/21 12:59:21PM @eric-saitz:
Got a nice folk style vibe to this one. Quite a lyric and story you have weaved into a song. Some nice acoustic work. The strumming keeps the vibe to my ears on the folk side of rock which I truly enjoy. Nice work!

Twank Whelan
11/29/21 02:58:42PM @twank-whelan:
This kind of tale has such a long tradition in our culture, don't it? Ah, we need another :) Well sung, well played, well done setting these lines to music.
Farrell Jackson
11/29/21 01:22:59PM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent Al in all aspects!


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