Gabriel Sabadi
Gabriel Sabadi

White Sky Dark Earth - feat - Chris Moore and Kephas

album: Friends
genre: Art Rock
streams: 397

White Sky Dark Earth - feat - Chris Moore and Kephas
Farrell Jackson
05/16/10 01:47:35PM @farrell-jackson:
Great collab guys! All of you (Gabe, Chris, and Kephas) are stand out musicians and it comes through loud and clear in this song. Great production Gabe!


12/31/09 01:14:59PM @skin-deep:
Powerful production. So clean and clear.
Love the World Fusion style choices of instrumentation.
Great vocals and Guitars. Percussion is great as well.
Real nice use of reverb. Wide Wide sound.


12/30/09 09:52:11PM @bilbozo:
From the roster of players I knew this was going to be one of those "not to miss" tracks. Beautiful piece Gabe...congrats to you, Chris and Kephas ! Sublime - Bilbozo
stephan foster
12/30/09 05:58:33PM @stephan-foster:
Great piece guys! Love the keys coming through about 2:20. The narration reminds me of old Moody Blues setting up the next part of the song. Love it!

12/30/09 07:36:17PM @david-c-deal:
Gee Gabe, you'd think you had formal musical training! lol In all seriousness, this is an excellent overall piece. I agree that the build after the spoken vocals is so cool. The sunrise/sunset refrain really hits the spot as well. Overall super composition guys. This song stands on the shoulders of several progressive giants and honors them all.
David c Deal

01/30/10 01:04:29AM @marc-morlock:
Very,very nice song
A lovey & Sweet Sound
Great Percussion


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