Gabriel Sabadi
Gabriel Sabadi

Somnium part one

album: Just Me Messing Around
genre: Psychedelic Rock
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Well I suppose this is what you get with only 2 hours of sleep lol. Put this piece together in about an hour. Probably won't change anything about it. Just...
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Copyright © 2007 Gabriel Sabadi
Somnium part one
06/07/10 01:11:31PM @stoney---ian-burrage:
This is great stuff Gabriel...sleepless nights work well for you ...not too many at once though.
I love the magical transitions and soundscapes you are able to create and most importantly project.

Just perfect

Ian (Stonehead)

01/25/10 10:40:35AM @bigpete:
hey Gabriel amazing track, its funny listen to my track Requiem for a Dying Planet you might recognize some parts, really love this production its funny because I'm in that kind of mood these days with my tracks, I'd love to get a copy for my show, , thanks.
Rob Grant
01/24/10 07:30:51PM @rayon-vert:
AWESOME!!!! Gabe!!! That is some bass slappin', Bro!!!! MAN!!! I dig the heck out of that rhythm section and I too love the sweeping orchestration. The children playing is very haunting and somewhat bothersome with the title for me. I hope the kids are safe :-) Great musical piece, Gabe!!!

01/24/10 08:34:52PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Yes the lil ones are quite safe rob :) Bloody Hell is actually an English term that has more than one meaning. I can see the possibility of confusion though so name changed !

Keep a lookout for Bloody Hell part two though ;)


11/30/10 10:20:11AM @darkstarcruiser:
Nice psychedelic track with a progrock feel to it. The little kids at the start set a strange atmosphere and the track has that element of unpredictability that that takes it into psy territory. Well you can get some sleep !!!
01/24/10 01:20:01PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
This my kind of music where the central flatish rhythm section is the pulse against which layered noise can be deployed - it is always a nice touch to drop the rhythm for dynamic effect as here and the sweeping chords are richly harmonic. Short but enjoyable. ftlpope


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